content: Workshops to get to know Voice Dialogue

You want to know more about Voice Dialogue? You are at the right place! You will find a list of Introductory workshops here

Trainings to become a Voice Dialogue Facilitator

For , the founders of Voice Dialogue, the Aware Ego Process is never finished

Moreover, getting some sessions, going to a weekend workshop, and/or reading a book are not enough to facilitate.

One of the most important prerequisites to be, and stay, a Voice Dialogue facilitator, is an ongoing personal Aware Ego Process. (See the International Voice Dialogue Agreement)

Some steps on the way to becoming a facilitator:

  • Enter your own Aware Ego Process by getting private Voice Dialogue sessions, participating in Voice Dialogue groups, and/or going to workshops that include your own individual sessions. (See Find a Facilitator)
  • Start your training by following Introductory workshops followed by various Trainings and Continuing Educatio, to deepen your learning process
  • Read books and articles about Voice Dialogue. (See our list of Resources
  • If you are not already a professional facilitator, coming from a totally different field, take some time to learn more about facilitator-client relationships.
  • Ask your Voice Dialogue teacher(s) for recommendations about when your Aware Ego process is developed enough to start offering Voice Dialogue professionally.
  • Read the International Voice Dialogue Agreement (IVDA) to understand the ethical code of Voice Dialogue and sign it when you feel ready to commit to it.
  • Find an experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator or teacher to become your mentor and supervisor during your first period of professional facilitation.