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Langue(s) English

Teaching Introductions , trainings and continuing education in Voice Dialogue.

“We are very pleased to recommend to you the teachings of John Kent. We consider him to be an outstanding facilitator and teacher of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves. We are very pleased that he is now setting up programs in London after his many years of traveling around the world as a management consultant. He is very bright, very organized and very knowledgeable in our work. Besides all of this, he has a wonderful sense of humor that makes the work and learning fun.”
Drs Hal & Sidra Stone
May, 2007

Formations en Voice Dialogue*
TitreQuandHeures/ JoursFormateur.trice.s
Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training Tucson, AZ, USA 04/1990 - 10/1991 10 weekend workshops + supervision Gail Steuart
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, Levels I & II Thera, Albion, USA 11/1993 Thera, Albion, USA Hal & Sidra Stone
Formation Continue en Voice Dialogue*
TitreQuandHeures/ JoursFormateur.trice.s
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, Level III Thera, Albion, USA 08/2003 one week Hal & Sidra Stone
International Voice Dialogue Conference Gwatt, Switzerland 06/2005 one week Hal & Sidra Stone, Robert Stamboliev and others
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, Level III Thera, Albion, USA 04/2007 one week Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves Thera, Albion, USA 04/2008 one week Hal & Sidra Stone
International Voice Dialogue Convergence New York, USA 09/2008 one week peer group sharing

* Les formations les plus récentes

Aspects principaux et contexte professionnel
Aspects principaux de la facilitation en Voice Dialogue
Facilitator training
Individual process
Relationship work
Inner Critic work
Dream process

Contexte professionnel

Director of Voice Dialogue UK offering workshops, facilitator trainings and private sessions. Created the first online training. Author of "Selves in Action".

Axiomskills Ltd. London, England - Director and Programme Consultant. Axiomskills Ltd. is a corporate training organisation headquartered in London that develops and delivers training programmes to industry and commerce worldwide. (

Cultural Exchange Service, Inc., Tucson, AZ. USA - Freelance Cross-cultural Communication Consultant. Working with profit and nonprofit groups in USA conducting cross-cultural and diversity trainings emphasizing effective collaborative relationships.

Voice Dialogue Center of Tucson, Tucson, AZ. USA - Co-founder and Associate Director. Training facilitators and facilitating intra-personal and interpersonal communication.

Axiom Ltd., Bristol, England - Founder and Director. UK based management training consultancy specializing in intensive communication skills seminars for European business people.

Intercultural Training and Orientation Services Ltd., London, England - Co-founder and Director. Training a series of intensive workshops on international presentation and negotiation skills in English.

IBM English Language Program, Bristol, England - External Consultant. Organizing and training mid-level European managers in international communication / business skills.

Bauer International GmbH, Munich, Germany - External Consultant. Materials writer and management trainer.

The Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland - External consultant. Directing intensive communication skills courses for research workers.

Furudals Bruks Kursinternat, Furudal, Sweden - Teacher. Developing and teaching technical English for groups of Vietnamese engineers as for the Swedish International Development Authority.

Teaching international liaison skills for Norwegian and Swedish members of parliament.

Japanese Foreign Ministry's International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo, Japan - Project Teacher. Preparing Japanese foreign aid workers for overseas assignments.

Koiku-sha Educational Publishing Company, Tokyo, Japan - Writer and Materials Analyst. Preparing and editing English language texts for monthly publication.

Time-Life Business Communications Program, Tokyo, Japan - Teacher. Weekly review and follow-up of 'in-company' English language training materials.

Cambridge and Victoria Schools of English, London, England - Teacher. Teaching general English to mixed nationality groups.

Finnish British Society of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland - Senior Teacher. British Council appointed English teacher responsible for curriculum development and supervision.


1973 Trinity College, London, England - Licentiate Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (LTCL).

1972 Leeds University, Leeds, England - Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in English Literature.