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Authentic Element Anelia Mitova

Cumberlandsgade 2300 Copenhagen   Denmark

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Anelia proposes online sessions

Offers facilitations in:
Shadow Work, Completion Process, Inner Child Healing,Trauma Resolution,Metaphysical Anatomy Technique,Reiki, Plant Based Nutrition, Smoking Cessation

Current practice in Voice Dialogue: full-time

Anelia signed the International Voice Dialogue Agreement (IVDA) 

Language(s): English, Bulgarian, Danish

Anelia Mitova is the founder of "Authentic Element". She is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Sofia, Bulgaria, but works with people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Her aim is to connect you to your truth! It is about gently puzzling together the different elements that comprise you as the gorgeous human being that you are. She is passionate about developing your health and well-being in a holistic way, through embracing your inner voice. We have been taught to suppress our intuition and rather follow someone else’s idea of what we are supposed to be, think, feel, eat, dress, watch… and it goes on. Her approach will not be about telling you what is the RIGHT or WRONG way, as she is well aware that there is no such thing – we are all different and there is inherent beauty in that! She yearns to connect you to your own inner guidance. You are the creator of your experience. Anelia wants to empower you to make choices which resonate with your AUTHENTIC TRUTH! She accomplishes that, by facilitating various techniques which focus on emotional integration, energy healing, shamanic ceremonies, ecstatic dancing, plant-based nutrition and others.

Sessions can be done in-person, but the majority of sessions are done online, via Zoom. It is as effective as an in-person session!

Trainings in Voice Dialogue*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTrainer(s)
Voice Dialogue & TP Training Level IBergen, The Netherlands3/2019 - 3/201933 hours / 4 daysRobert Stamboliev
Continuing education in Voice Dialogue*
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Key aspects and professional context
Key aspects of facilitation in Voice Dialogue

Professional context
Health Professional, Completion Process Practitioner, Nutritionist, Metaphysical Anatomy Techniqe Practitioner, Smoking Cessation Counselour, Exercise Instructor, Reiki Master Level III, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator