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The European Voice Dialogue Website is open to all - facilitators, trainers, clients - who are interested in Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is an approach based on the psychology of selves. It was developed by Hal and Sidra Stone in early 70's and still continues to evolve. Voice Dialogue proposes to explore the world of energy that goes beyond words and is present in every relationship.
Practicing Voice Dialogue means embracing our selves and developing an Aware Ego Process that empower us in life, in our professions, and in our relationships.
It is used by individuals for their own personal growth and by professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and organizational consulting.

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An easy way to access a list of facilitators and trainers in each European country.
The Voice Dialogue facilitators and trainers listed on this platform are living, facilitating, and/or teaching in Europe.

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To make Voice Dialogue known and spread throughout Europe by facilitating the visibility of the workshops and trainings
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Voice Dialogue Europe is an International Non Profit Making Association with clear objectives to increase the visibility of Voice Dialogue across Europe and beyond.


Voice Dialogue Europe was initially developed as a platform where the european facilitators and trainers in Voice Dialogue where able to publish their profile and trainings and where anyone interested in Voice Dialogue could find interesting information and references. We warmly thank Teres Grau for the idea and the realization of the first version of the website.
We are grateful to Robert Stamboliev who was the European pioneer of Voice Dialogue.

Today Voice dialogue europe is also an International Non Profit Making Association (AiSBL) based in Belgium with clear objectives to increase the visibility of Voice Dialogue and its benefits across Europe and beyond.

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