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Transpersonal Dialogue International Ana Barner

298 Tyagarah Road 2481 Myocum - Australia   Ne

+61 2 6684 7158            

Ofrece facilitaciones en:
Voice Dialogue, Transpersonal Dialogue, Big Mind Big Heart, Voice Constellations

Práctica actual en Voice Dialogue full-time

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Idioma(s) English, Deutsch

Teaching Introductions , trainings and continuing education in Voice Dialogue.

Having worked with Voice Dialogue for over 20 years now, I am now especially interested in linking the exploration of our sub personalities with our transpersonal essence. I include a variety of processes within the traditional Voice Dialogue work, such as Transpersonal Dialogue and Big Mind Big Heart by Genpo Roshi. I also love working with couples and relationship issues and take groups through a process called Voice Constellations. I travel and work over the phone. I was born in Germany and live in Australia, working and teaching internationally in English and German

Formaciones en Voice Dialogue*
TituloDóndeCuandoHoras / DíasEntrenadore.a(s)
Voice Dialogue trainingAustralia198610 daysDrs Hal & Sidra Stone
Staffing Voice Dialogue trainingAustralia199010 daysHal & Sidra Stone
staffing summer campAustralia199210 daysHal & Sidra Stone
Bavarian Summer camp USA199414 daysHal & Sidra Stone
Formacion continua en Voice Dialogue*
TituloDóndeCuandoHoras / DíasEntrenadore.a(s)
staffing Voice Dialogue trainingThe Netherlands20007 daysRobert Stamboliev
Voice Dialogue extensionThe Netherlands20034 daysHal & Sidra Stone
International Voice DialogueSwitzerland03/06/05-10/06/057 days Hal & Sidra Stone - Robert Stamboliev

* Los formaciones más recientes

Aspectos clave y contexto profesional
Aspectos clave de la facilitación en Voice Dialogue
Aware Ego Process
connecting personality & essence
Creating Conscious Relationships
Voice Dialogue in groups and communities
working with illness

Contexto profesional
1975 - 1981 Study of Psychology and Social Work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
1981 - 1986 being trained in a variety of psycho-spiritual techniques: Co-Counselling, Primal Therapy, Rebirthing. Working as Rebirther in Europe, USA and Australia.
1986 - 2009 ongoing training in psychodrama, counselling alcohol and drug addiction, process oriented psychology, family constellations