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Oudewand 39-B 7201 LK Zutphen   Netherlands

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Voice Dialogue education for professionals, individual coaching & Voice Dialogue Retreats

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Judith ha firmato l' International Voice Dialogue Agreement (IVDA) 

Lingue Dutch, English

Teaching Introductions , trainings and continuing education in Voice Dialogue.

I was first introduced to Voice Dialogue in 1998 and was greatly inspired by it. What a careful, loving and profound way to get to know more sides of yourself, to develop and grow as a person and as a professional. So I wanted to learn all about it and dived into it. Now, many years later, together with colleauges I wrote two books about Voice Dialogue and since 2002 we enjoy to educate coaches, trainers and therapists in working with Voice Dialogue.
You can read more about this powerful vision and method in our books:
* 'Ik (k)en mijn Ikken' by Karin Brugman, Judith Budde & Berry Collewijn.
Also published in English, titled 'Me, My Selves and I'
* 'Coachen met Voice Dialogue. Handboek voor begeleiders' by Judith Budde & Karin Brugman.
I am the founder of the Dutch Voice Dialogue Academie. We want to contribute to the spread and further development of Voice Dialogue, through our Voice Dialogue courses, retreats, publications, demonstration videos, podcasts, lectures, through our work as a coach and by stimulating scientific research.

Formazione Base in Voice Dialogue*
TitoloDoveQando Ore / Giorni Insegnante/iOre / GiorniInsegnante/i
Psychodrama & Voice DialogueNetherlands1998 - 200024 days (216 hours)Lex Mulder
Voice Dialogue training for advanced coachesEducationNetherlandsFebruary 2005 - Jan 200625 days (175 hours)Robert Stamboliev & Maria Daniëls
Voice Dialogue Level II/IIIAlbion (California)August 20065,5 days (36 hours)Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue Level II/IIIAlbion (California)August 20075,5 days (36 hours)Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue Level II/IIIAlbion (California)August 20085,5 days (36 hours)Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue Level II/IIIAlbion (California)April 20105,5 days (36 hours)Hal & Sidra Stone
Aggiornamento Professionale in Voice Dialogue*
TitoloDoveQando Ore / Giorni Insegnante/iOre / GiorniInsegnante/i
Voice Dialogue Level II/IIIAlbion (California)July 20115,5 days (36 hours)Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue & DreamsTienen (Belgium)April 20092 days (14 hours)Martha-Lou Wolff
Voice Dialogue and the bodyLeuven (Belgium)September 20102 days (14 hours)Tamar Stone
Werken met stemmenhoordersZwolle (Netherlands)February 20101 day (7 hours)Dirk Corstens
Conscious Body TrainingVasse (Netherlands)April 20122 days (16 hours)Judith Hendin

* I seminari più recenti.

Elementi specifici e preparazione professionale
Elementi specifici del lavoro con il Voice Dialogue
personals and professional development
loss, mourning, trauma

Preparazione professionale
Working as trainer/coach since 1987 and as entrepreneur/director of Education Centre het Balkon since 2000.
Teaching Voice Dialogue to professionals in Education Centre het Balkon since 2002.
Founder of the Voice Dialogue Academie in 2021.
* Master Dutch language and Literature
* Postacademic education: Groupdynamics, Training & Coaching, Psychodrama, Organizational development, Leathership, Mentalization based treatment and off course Voice Dialogue.