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The workshops listed below will introduce you to Voice Dialogue and the Aware Ego Process. Most of these workshops are well suited for people interested in their own personal process and self-awareness, as well as people who want to become facilitators.

You do not need any previous experience.

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Introductions to Voice Dialogue in Europe
Title Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves, Featuring Trauma Work (from Perspective of Inner Selves)
Short Description With Voice Dialogue, we can talk to anything as a self, and we gain access to selves that have been buried inside us. In this training, counselors will learn the basics of using Voice Dialogue with clients, discerning energies of selves, the Aware Center, the importance of the Gatekeeper, the basics of Judith Hendin’s method for addressing trauma, called Conscious Body Trauma Work, and much more. This training is an opportunity to enrich your therapeutic skills while also deepening your own personal journey.
Teacher(s) Judith Hendin
Hours/Days/Years / 4 days /
Date & Time
Thursday, November 1 – Sunday, November 4, 2018
Bereguardo, Italy (near Milan), Italy
Price €380 (€300 if you book before 30th of September)
Contact / Link / Download Erik Comin, +39 335 8241691, info@trecounseling.it
www.consciousbody.com ; www.trecounseling.it
Title Découverte de ses Subpersonnalités
Short Description 8 heures pour découvrir vos Subpersonnalités dans un contexte amical et bienveillant : venez découvrir votre Enfant Joueur tout comme votre Actif-Responsable, votre Entrepreneur et votre Rêveur...
Introduction personnelle et en groupe.
Teacher(s) Véronique Brard & Jean Desroches
Hours/Days/Years 8 heures / /
Date & Time
Saint Maime (04), France
Price Nous consulter
Contact / Link / Download Véronique Brard - +33 4 92 79 17 15, warina@wanadoo.fr
Title Voice Dialogue Acting in English
Short Description Voice Dialogue Acting is the application of Voice Dialogue to character development for film or stage acting. During this 3 day workshop, we will explore our Inner Characters (or Selves), their connection with universal Archetypes and energy vibration, and the process of going in and out of these characters with ease and balance. 
Voice Dialogue Acting is a fast, truthful, easy, surprising process, and will help you be in the moment, living the life of your character instead of acting. It will give you incredible stage and screen presence, and truth.
Teacher(s) Emmanuelle Chaulet
Hours/Days/Years 21 / 3 / 2018
Date & Time
7, 8, 9 Mars 2018 (21 heures)
PARIS, France
Price 375
Contact / Link / Download Emmanuelle Chaulet, emma@emmanuellechaulet.com
Title Initiation au Voice Dialogue
Short Description Pendant cet atelier, vous découvrirez et expérimenterez Les principes fondamentaux du Voice Dialogue tels que proposés par Hal et Sidra Stone et leurs évolutions, Comment reconnaître et entrer en contact avec vos propres énergies et sous-personnalités, Pourquoi nous polarisons et quel déséquilibre en résulte dans notre quotidien, Comment se tenir entre nos « je », écouter avec objectivité et recul leurs voix discordantes et s’ouvrir à un champ plus large de possibilités, Comment équilibrer la puissance et la vulnérabilité
Teacher(s) Myriam Ladeuze en collaboration avec Amala Klep
Hours/Days/Years 9h-17h30 / 29 septembre / 2017
Date & Time
2 jours
Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
Price Voir le site
Contact / Link / Download Myriam Ladeuze +32 496 51 04 89, atelier@aware-ego.be
Title Voice Dialogue Intensive - all levels
Short Description Voice Dialogue Intensives are intensely exciting trainings that provide unparalleled opportunities for intensive learning and real growth – a time to explore one’s inner world as well as to learn the Voice Dialogue process. The all levels intensives are open to participants with different levels of familiarity with the work.
Teacher(s) Robert Stamboliev, Maria Daniels
Hours/Days/Years 66 / 5 / 0
Date & Time
ITP/Bergen, Netherlands
Price 995,00 private/ 1475 euro business
Contact / Link / Download Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008, info@voicedialogueworld.com

All introductory workshops are offered by facilitators listed on Voice Dialogue Europe and following our Criteria.

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