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For the trainings and workshops listed below, you need to be a Voice Dialogue facilitator or be quite experienced in Voice Dialogue already. Contact the individual teacher to ask if your experience is sufficient to attend the workshop.

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Voice Dialogue Continuing Education in Switzerland
Title Aware Ego Process
Short Description This is a one day gathering to foster your Aware Ego Process. Our goal will be to strengthen your capacity to make conscious choice from your center. We continue this practice in order to create a life which is genuinely our own.

We will explore a pair of selves which keep you in conflict because they pull you in opposite directions. You will have an opportunity to experience these selves directly to clarify them. Then when you move back to the center and separate from them, you will find your place between them. This movement/shift can liberate you from the conflict and create space for you to determine your ways of being and foster your personal agility.

Please send me an email if you would like to come.

Teacher(s) Martha-Lou Wolff
Hours/Days/Years 8 / 1 /
Date & Time
Saturday, June 22 2019  9:30 to 17:30
Lucerne, Switzerland
Price 200chf
Contact / Link / Download Martha-Lou Wolff, marthalouwolff@gmail.com

All continuing education workshops are offered by facilitators listed on Voice Dialogue Europe and following our Criteria. Some training may be offered in cooperation with other teachers/facilitators.

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