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Here you will find basic Voice Dialogue trainings and/or various Voice Dialogue training workshops in Europe.

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Basic Voice Dialogue Trainings and Workshops in Switzerland
Title Voice Dialogue Training I, II und III
Short Description Voice Dialogue Aus- und Weiterbildung nach Kriterien der IVDA http://www.ivda.info
Teacher(s) Cordula Mears-Frei
Hours/Days/Years Fortlaufend / /
Date & Time
Aktuelle Termine : www.evolutionofmankind.org
International, Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Price Nach Angebot
Contact / Link / Download Mears-Frei Cordula, mearsfrei@aol.com

All basic trainings are offered by facilitators listed on Voice Dialogue Europe and following our Criteria. Some training may be offered in cooperation with other teachers/facilitators.

For international trainings and workshops go to Voice Dialogue International - Trainings.

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