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Here you will find basic Voice Dialogue trainings and/or various Voice Dialogue training workshops in Europe.

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Basic Voice Dialogue Trainings and Workshops in Estonia
Title Conscious Body Training: Healing the Body by Discovering Hidden Inner Selves and Their Energies
Short Description Conscious Body is a powerful way to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us through physical symptoms. Behind any physical ailment, a hidden inner self may be fervently calling. The discovery of this buried self often brings actual physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.
Teacher(s) Judith Hendin
Hours/Days/Years / 3 days /
Date & Time
Friday, November 9 – Sunday, November 11, 2018
Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
Price Ask at registration
Contact / Link / Download Kadri Aru, kadri@teadlikmina.ee

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