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The workshops listed below will introduce you to Voice Dialogue and the Aware Ego Process. Most of these workshops are well suited for people interested in their own personal process and self-awareness, as well as people who want to become facilitators.

You do not need any previous experience.

If you want to know more about paths towards pursuing Voice Dialogue as a profession, go to the page Become a facilitator.

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Voice Dialogue introductions in France

Découverte de ses Subpersonnalités


8 heures pour découvrir vos Subpersonnalités dans un contexte amical et bienveillant : venez découvrir votre Enfant Joueur tout comme votre Actif-Responsable, votre Entrepreneur et votre Rêveur...
Introduction personnelle et en groupe.

Practical infos

Date: Continu
Duration: 8
Location:Saint Maime (04),France
Price: Nous consulter


Véronique Brard - +33 4 92 79 17 15

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