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Voice Dialogue Continuing Education in Germany

Trauma Training based on Voice Dialogue & the Energies of Selves


Most of our clients, and ourselves, have experienced trauma. There are many ways of working with trauma in the world today. Using Voice Dialogue brings new insights and healings.
Participants say: "Truly masterful teaching! I am truly blown away by this training, and wish that every Voice Dialogue Facilitator would take it.”
"This method is essential for working with trauma."
"An exceptional and meaningful training... Extraordinary... Generous... Brilliant..."

Practical infos

Date: 8 weeks (March 2-April 20) OR 4 days (April 14-17)
Duration: 24 hours total 8 weeks or 4 full days
Location: ONLINE,Germany / Estonia / Ne / France / Italy
Price: $840, Early Bird, by February 10; Full Fee, after February 10, $940


Judith Hendin, +1 610-330-9778

Voice Dialogue - Theorie und Praxis


Jede/jeder, die an diesem Seminar teilnimmt erhält eine persönliche Sitzung. Die anderen schauen zu, notieren Fragen. Anhand dieser Fragen erläutere ich den theoretischen Hintergrund und wir diskutieren über grundlegende Begriffe.

Practical infos

Date: 4 Abende
Duration: 8 Stunden
Location: online,Switzerland / Germany / Austria
Price: 320 sfr


Susanna Lerch

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