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Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training


This experiential, process-oriented training is designed to provide a comprehensive grounding in the theory and practice of Voice Dialogue. It will give participants a powerful new tool that will complement their existing practice and enhance their ability to work with clients on a wide range of issues.

Each course is limited to 4 participants and is open to therapists, counsellors, coaches, health care practitioners and anyone working in the area of personal growth and development.

The training is structured over 4 workshops totalling 11 days, spaced over one year. It includes:

Workshop 1 - The Foundations: The theoretical framework and the basic methodology

Workshop 2 – Voice Dialogue and Relationships

Workshop 3 – The Inner-Critic, Dreams and Physical Symptoms

Workshop 4 – Beyond the Selves: Voice Dialogue as a psycho-spiritual practice

Each workshop will include supervised facilitation, demonstrations and personal feedback. After each workshop participants wil

Informaciones practicas

Fecha To be decided by participants
Duración 60 11 1
Sitio Kew, West London,Uk
Precio £2975


John: +44 (0) 79411413777



Para encontrar más informaciones sobre la posibilidad de aprender el Voice Dialogue de manera profesional, consultar la pagina Volverse Facilitador/ora.

Todas las formaciones continuas estas propuestas por facilitadores listados en Voice Dialogue Europa Algunas formaciones pueden estar propuestas en colaboración con otros formadores o facilitadores.

Para informaciones internacionales, ver Voice Dialogue International - Trainings.