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Here you will find Voice Dialogue trainings and/or various Voice Dialogue workshops in Europe.

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Voice Dialogue Trainings and Workshops in Italy

Il rito dell'unione - i sette sé della sessualità


Il seminario, attraverso brani musicali, mette in contatto con alcuni sé interiori, ognuno con un proprio modo di esprimere la sessualità.
Ciò ci conduce a una vita sessuale più ricca e fantasiosa.
Per chi non ha una relazione, l’energia dei vari sé sarà disponibile in altri ambiti della vita.
Non ci sono “esercitazioni pratiche” ma saranno le musiche a far entrare in contatto con la qualità energetica di ogni aspetto.

Practical infos

Date: Domenica 20 febbraio ore 10-18
Duration: Sette un giorno 2022
Price: 100 euro


Silvana Borile +39 320 155 0635


Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology Training program


Purpose of the program
To be able to use Voice Dialogue and the principles of ‘the psychology of selves’ in one’s own practice.
In addition the training is aimed at deepening the personal process of the participants, which will result in more depth in their work with clients. We will work with deeper layers of consciousness, the awareness of the body and its energy fields and there will a focus on the development of one’s own spirituality.
The program is particularly suitable for people who wish to efficiently accompany clients who have questions around the following themes:
• questions of meaningfulness
• work-life balance
• stress and vitality
• setting limits
• coaching skills
• vision development
• relationship and teamwork
• important choices and decisions.

Practical infos

Date: every year
Duration: 156 20 1
Location:Netherlands, Italy, Turkey,Netherlands / Italy
Price: See website


Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008/ +31 6 51607758

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