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ITP Institute for Transformational Psychology Robert Stamboliev

Schumanlaan 7A 1862AA Bergen NH   Netherlands


Bietet Begleitungen an mit:
Voice Dialogue, Energetics, Dreamwork, Archetype work, Relationship coaching, Clearing

Aktuelle Voice-Dialogue-Praxis: full-time

Robert hat den IVDA unterzeichnet

Sprache(n): English, Dutch, French, German

Teaching Introductions , trainings and continuing education in Voice Dialogue.

"Robert Stamboliev is a teacher of teachers and we wish to honor him appropriately. Robert, perhaps more than anyone else, has been responsible for introducing Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves in Europe. His trainings have produced – in additional to excellent facilitators - an amazing variety of brilliant teachers and creative innovators. We met Robert in 1982 at the first presentation of our work in Amsterdam. He then came to the United States to participate in Hal’s program for a Masters Degree through International University. He trained intensively at that time and, since then, has continued both his training and his personal process. And Robert has – over the years – remained true to this practice, to his work, and to the Voice Dialogue community. We salute him!" Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.

TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Voice Dialogue Introduction Amsterdam, Netherlands December 1982 16 hours/2 days Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves Los Angeles, USA 10/1983- 07/1984 640 hours/ 128 days Hal Stone c.s.
TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Advanced Voice Dialogue Training Albion, USA Bi-annually from 1985 - 2000 each training 40 hours/6 days Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
Energetics and intuitive development Bergen, Netherlands May 1992 72 hours / 10 days Carolyn Conger
Archetype and dreamwork Bozeman,Montana July 2001 72 hours / 10 days Carolyn Conger
Advanced Voice Dialogue training Bi-annually in Europe 1984 - 2005 each training 40 hours/ 6 days Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
SupervisionAlbion, USA 1988 - 2008 Bi-annually 10 hours/ 2 days Hal Stone and Sidra Stone

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Schwerpunkte und beruflicher Hintergrund
Wichtigste Themen der Arbeit mit Voice Dialogue
Professional training
Individual process
Relationship work
Intensive trainings

Beruflicher Hintergrund
Social Sciences
Gestalt training
Psychology Master degree
Systemic work
Group dynamics
T'ai Chi Chuan (since 1978)