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Per le formazioni e i seminari qui elencati, devi essere un facilitatore di Voice Dialogue o avere già una buona conoscenza del Voice Dialogue. Contatta l’insegnante per chiedere se la tua esperienza è sufficiente per frequentarli.

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Aggiornamento Professionale in Voice Dialogue in Italy
Titolo Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology - Master Year
Breve Descrizione For coaches, therapists and trainers who have had at least one year of training in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves and who can facilitate comfortably. They wish to deepen their process and skills and further develop their own style.
Purpose of the Master Year is the development of excellence, both in ourselves and in our role in the world. Hereby the goal is to work more and more with the principles of the work than the precise form of the different methods. These principles will be highlighted and experienced and we will learn to use them in a flexible manner in our own practice. Throughout the whole year Voice Dialogue facilitation will be practised, goal is the further development of one’s own style in the work.
Special attention will be paid to working with relationships and groups. The theoretical framework of the transformational psychology will be expanded. New approaches will be introduced and practised in order to integrate them in our own practice.
A further de
Insegnante(i) Robert Stamboliev, Maria Daniels, Ruud Zuurman, Elmer Goudsmit
Ore/Giorni/Anni 156 / 20 / 1
Data e Orario
Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands / Italy / Greece
Prezzo from 4950,00 euro private/ reduced price for Eastern Europeans
Contatto / Link / Download Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008/ +31 6 51607758, info@voicedialogueworld.com
Titolo Linkage relationship coach course
Breve Descrizione Are you already working as a coach, trainer or therapist with Voice Dialogue and the psychology of selves? And would you like to extend your knowledge and skills in working with relationships?
This course offers a step in the right direction. The emphasis during this course lies on learning to facilitate couples. However, these principles can also be applied to facilitating work, friendship and family relationships.
After this course:
•You understand the core of relationship problems and are more able to find the sore spot in these problems
•You have the tools to make a diagnosis and to draw up a specific guidance plan
•You have gained knowledge and developed skills to guide various relationships
Insegnante(i) Robert Stamboliev, Maria Daniels, Ruud Zuurman
Ore/Giorni/Anni 85 / 11 / 1
Data e Orario
ITP/Bergen or ITP/Toscane, Netherlands / Italy
Prezzo 2950,00 euro
Contatto / Link / Download Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008/ +31 6 51607758, info@voicedialogueworld.com
Titolo The Next Step -VD and the Psychology of Selves conference
Breve Descrizione The Next Step in Voice Dialogue means working creatively with the underlying principles of the work and deepening the connection with its roots, the Psychology of Selves and transformational psychology. We have a strong international staff, led by Robert Stamboliev.
As much as possible, we want to support a sense of an ongoing movement towards excellence as we each continue to develop in our personal process and continue to develop and expand towards excellence in our professional work.
The conference is an inspiring and a safe vessel for all the processes that will take place. A magical space that is facilitating for all present to take The Next Step.
Insegnante(i) Robert Stamboliev, Miriam Dyak, Maria Daniels, Jacques Laurent & more
Ore/Giorni/Anni 66 / 7 /
Data e Orario
every summer
Lago di Varese, Italy
Prezzo 950 - 1150 euro
Contatto / Link / Download Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008/ +31 6 51607758, info@voicedialogueworld.com

Tutti gli aggiornamenti professionali sono offerte da facilitatori iscritti a Voice Dialogue Europe, che seguono i nostri Criteri. Alcuni corsi possono essere offerti in collaborazione con altri insegnanti/facilitatori.

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