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Corsi Base e Seminari in Voice Dialogue in Europa
Titolo Conscious Body Training: Healing the Body by Discovering Hidden Inner Selves and Their Energies
Breve Descrizione Conscious Body is a powerful way to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us through physical symptoms. Behind any physical ailment, a hidden inner self may be fervently calling. The discovery of this buried self often brings actual physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.
Insegnante(i) Judith Hendin
Ore/Giorni/Anni / 3 days /
Data e Orario
Friday, November 9 – Sunday, November 11, 2018
Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
Prezzo Ask at registration
Contatto / Link / Download Kadri Aru, kadri@teadlikmina.ee
Titolo Gaining Freedom from the Inner Patriarch: The Missing Piece of Women’s Empowerment
Breve Descrizione The Inner Patriarch is the voice within women that echoes the voice of the outer patriarchy. It is one of the most influential and unknown forces in the female psyche. In this revolutionary gathering, women will hear the voices of their own Inner Patriarchs through dialogue, demonstrations, movement, role play, and dream work. We will claim the authority of the Patriarch as well as that of the deep feminine to make their combined power our own.
Insegnante(i) Judith Hendin
Ore/Giorni/Anni / 2 days /
Data e Orario
October 27 - October 28, 2018
Bereguardo, Italy (near Milan), Italy
Prezzo 1 day - 90 €, both days – 180 €
Contatto / Link / Download Erik Comin, +39 335 8241691, info@trecounseling.it
www.consciousbody.com ; www.trecounseling.it
Titolo Psychologie des Subpersonnalités
Breve Descrizione Apprendre les bases du Voice Dialogue :
- Découvrir la danse des Subpersonnalités chez nous et chez l'autre
- Explorer notre monde intérieur dans un espace privilégié
- Expérimenter les grands principes énergétiques à l'oeuvre dans la relation.
Insegnante(i) Véronique Brard & Jean Desroches
Ore/Giorni/Anni 100 heures / 16 jours / 1 an
Data e Orario
Saint Maime (04), France
Prezzo Nous contacter
Contatto / Link / Download Véronique Brard - +33 4 9279 1715, warina@wanadoo.fr
Titolo Aware Ego Process Retreat
Breve Descrizione Retreats are an opportunity to spend several days with others who are using Voice Dialogue in their daily lives. Your process will be enriched as we provide a container in which you share dreams each morning, have a facilitation from one of us, explore Bonding Patterns and heighten your perception of energies.
Insegnante(i) Martha-Lou Wolff and Catherine Keir
Ore/Giorni/Anni 9 hours / 3 days /
Data e Orario
May 9 - 12, 2018
Lucerne, Switzerland
Prezzo $1100
Contatto / Link / Download Martha-Lou Wolff, marthalouwolff@gmail.com
Titolo Aware Ego Process Day
Breve Descrizione This class is designed for participants who actively engage in their Aware Ego Process as a foundation in navigating their life. We will tap into dreams, do exercises that strengthen our awareness and create more clarity in our relationship with selves. Our focus will be on creating a practice that we will continue in the days to come.
Insegnante(i) Martha-Lou Wolff
Ore/Giorni/Anni one day / /
Data e Orario
Sunday, May 20th 10:00 to 17:30
Worlding Cafe, Paris, France
Prezzo 150 Euro
Contatto / Link / Download Martha-Lou Wolff, marthalouwolff@gmail.com
Titolo Essential elements of facilitation
Breve Descrizione The emphasis will be on how to distill the essence of selves and then guide a separation from them in the move back to the Center. When done effectively this process increases a person’s capacity to hold the tension between opposites and develop the authority to make choices that truly belong to them.

Insegnante(i) Martha-Lou Wolff
Ore/Giorni/Anni / one day /
Data e Orario
Saturday, May 19th, 10:00 to 17:30
Worlding Cafe, Paris, France
Prezzo 150 Euro
Contatto / Link / Download Martha-Lou Wolff, Martha-LouWolff@gmail.com
Titolo Formation de Facilitateur Voice Dialogue
Breve Descrizione Une formation qui s'adresse aux professionnels
Au-delà de l’apprentissage des modèles et les outils du Voice Dialogue, les objectifs de la formation sont de permettre aux participants d’acquérir les compétences nécessaires à l’accompagnement de personnes, de développer leur posture en tant que facilitateur en Voice Dialogue.
Le processus de formation inclus des moments d’intégration cognitive des concepts du Voice Dialogue et des moments d’expérimentation de la facilitation en tant que facilitateur et en tant que sujet.

Nous accordons une importance particulière au développement de son identité de facilitateur et à l’intégration des compétences de base de l’accompagnement (analyse de la demande, éthique, notions de psychopathologie). Pour atteindre cet objectif certains concepts d’autres approches sont abordés.
La formation est structurée de façon à permettre une mise en pratique immédiate et progressive.
Insegnante(i) Myriam Ladeuze et Amala Klep
Ore/Giorni/Anni 2 ans / /
Data e Orario
Démarre le 11-01-2019
Albi en France et Mont-Saint-Guibert en Belgique, Belgium / France
Prezzo Voir sur notre site
Contatto / Link / Download Myriam Ladeuze - +32 496 51 04 89, atelier@aware-ego.be
Titolo Basis-Ausbildung Voice Dialogue
Breve Descrizione Eine wunderbare einfach erlernbare Methode, um sich selbst und andere besser zu verstehen, sowie die Innere Mitte (im Voice das Bewusste Ich) zu stärken.
Geeignet ist die Ausbildung für alle Interessierten,die den Wunsch haben die Methode zu erlernen und sich selbst näher zu kommen. Ebenso geeignet ist sie für Menschen in Sozialberufen, Eltern, Trainer/-innen, Begleiter/-innen und Therapeut/-innen, um diese insbesondere im Arbeitsalltag mit einfliessen zu lassen, da die Methode ein wirkungsvolles Instrument in Begleitung, Beratung und Coaching ist.
Insegnante(i) Doris Lecker
Ore/Giorni/Anni 29 / 10 /
Data e Orario
Start ab März 2018
München, Germany
Prezzo 890,- € (inkl. 3 Einzelsitzungen)
Contatto / Link / Download Doris Lecker, doris.lecker@web.de
Titolo Voice Dialogue Training I
Breve Descrizione Voice Dialogue I: Basis Ausbildung mit 6 WE für praktizierende Heilpraktiker/innen, Psychotherapeuten/innen, Psychologen/innen, Mediatoren/innen, Biographiearbeiter/innen, Meditationslehrer/innen, Gesprächsarbeit und Coaching. In diesem Modul erfahren Sie die Grundlagen der Psychologie der Selbste. Neben Theorie dient dieser Block vor allem der Selbsterfahrung.

In Training-Modus II und III vertiefen sich Grundlagen und die gegenseitige Facilitation steht im Vordergrund. Dabei ist die jungianische Arbeit mit Träumen, sowie narrative Arbeit an Archetypen ein weiterer Fokus.
Block III beinhaltet eine eigene supervisierte Forschungsarbeit an einem Schwerpunkt Thema. Dies kann schriftlich oder praktisch vorgestellt werden.
Insegnante(i) Cordula Frei und Assistenz
Ore/Giorni/Anni 6 Monate / /
Data e Orario
Nächster Beginn Modul 1 /März 2018 in Freiburg
Freiburg, Germany
Prezzo 1200.-€
Contatto / Link / Download Cordula Frei, mearsfrei@aol.com
Titolo Formation au coaching "Intelligence de Soi" (Dialogue Intérieur et Types de Personnalité")
Breve Descrizione Première année de la formation
• Acquisition des concepts de base : processus cognitifs, stratégies d'adaptation, sous-personnalités, Moi Conscient
• Bases de l'entretien
• Déplacement des Sous-Personnalités
• Projections
Insegnante(i) Geneviève Cailloux & Pierre Cauvin + staff sénior
Ore/Giorni/Anni 232 h / 19 jours / un an
Data e Orario
2 séminaires de 5 jours et 3 séminaires de 3 jours
Osiris Conseil/Vernou, France
Prezzo Nous consulter
Contatto / Link / Download Geneviève Cailloux ou Pierre Cauvin +33164230307, genevieve@osiris-conseil.com; pierre@osiris-conseil.com
Titolo Voice Dialogue Online Program
Breve Descrizione The 7 modules of this unique e-learning program have been carefully designed to introduce you step by step to the theory and practical applications of Voice Dialogue. You can work through the material at your own speed, taking time to digest each new concept and practice before moving on. The basic program contains:
• 7 video presentations providing a comprehensive introduction to Voice Dialogue
• Preparatory tasks enabling you to get the most out of each presentation
• 56 practical exercises putting the weekly themes into a personal, every day context
• Access to a library of articles, videos, and MP3’s covering all aspects of Voice Dialogue
• A monitored message board where themes, issues and questions can be shared and discussed
Insegnante(i) John Kent
Ore/Giorni/Anni 6 months acces / /
Data e Orario
Any time
Your computer, anywhere, Ne
Prezzo Basic Program £85. E-learning Plus £135
Contatto / Link / Download John Kent, +44 (0)7941141377, info@voicedialogueonline.com
Titolo Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology Training program
Breve Descrizione Purpose of the program
To be able to use Voice Dialogue and the principles of ‘the psychology of selves’ in one’s own practice.
In addition the training is aimed at deepening the personal process of the participants, which will result in more depth in their work with clients. We will work with deeper layers of consciousness, the awareness of the body and its energy fields and there will a focus on the development of one’s own spirituality.
The program is particularly suitable for people who wish to efficiently accompany clients who have questions around the following themes:
• questions of meaningfulness
• work-life balance
• stress and vitality
• setting limits
• coaching skills
• vision development
• relationship and teamwork
• important choices and decisions.
Insegnante(i) Robert Stamboliev, Maria Daniels, Ruud Zuurman
Ore/Giorni/Anni 156 / 20 / 1
Data e Orario
every year
Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands / Italy
Prezzo from 4950,00 euro private/ reduced for Eastern Europeans
Contatto / Link / Download Robert Stamboliev, +31 72 5818008/ +31 6 51607758, info@voicedialogueworld.com
Titolo Voice Dialogue Training I, II und III
Breve Descrizione Voice Dialogue Aus- und Weiterbildung nach Kriterien der IVDA http://www.ivda.info
Insegnante(i) Cordula Mears-Frei
Ore/Giorni/Anni Fortlaufend / /
Data e Orario
Aktuelle Termine : www.evolutionofmankind.org
International, Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Prezzo Nach Angebot
Contatto / Link / Download Mears-Frei Cordula, mearsfrei@aol.com
Titolo Basistraining Coachen met Voice Dialogue
Breve Descrizione Driedaagse basistraining in het werken met Voice Dialogue voor coaches, trainers, loopbaanbegeleiders, supervisoren e.a. Je maakt kennis met de Psychology of Selves en met de Voice Dialogue methode. Je ondergaat enkele Voice Dialogue sessies en leert zelf werken met de basisprincipes.
Insegnante(i) Judith Budde, Karin Brugman
Ore/Giorni/Anni 28 uur / 3 dagen /
Data e Orario
2x per jaar
Centrum het Balkon, Vasse (OV), Netherlands
Prezzo /
Contatto / Link / Download Judith Budde, (0031) 0541- 518194, /

Tutte le formazioni base sono offerte da facilitatori iscritti a Voice Dialogue Europe, che seguono i nostri Criteri. Alcuni corsi possono essere offerti in collaborazione con altri insegnanti/facilitatori.

Per formazioni internazionali vedi Voice Dialogue International - Trainings.

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