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content: Celie  Fox Cabane

3 rue Vauquelin
75005  Paris
- France -



Offers facilitations in:
Voice Dialogue, Gestalt

Current practice in Voice Dialogue: part-time Infosporadic: offering VD-sessions sporadicly besides another profession and/or other methods

part-time: offering VD-sessions regulary, but beside other methods and/or another profession

full-time: offering VD-sessions regulary and for the most part of practice / profession

Language(s): English, French

Teaching Introductions , basic trainings and continuing education in Voice Dialogue.
Assistant of Introductions , basic trainings and continuing education

Recreating Our Selves
Modeling Our Aware Ego process

Basic trainings at Voice Dialogue
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
International Voice Dialogue Summer Kamp chez Hal & Sidra Stone, Sherman Oaks, California Summer 1985 30 hours Hal & Sidra Stone
Supervised Facilitation Santa Monica Summer 1985 15 hours Paul Abell
Voice Dialogue Workshop Paris, France Fall 1986 15 hours Hal & Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue Co-Facilitation Paris, France & Le Crotoy, France 1987-88 week-end retreats Founded by Martha-Lou Wolff
Voice Dialogue Workshop AmsterdamFall? 1988 5 days organized by Robert Stramboliev
Voice Dialogue Workshop Gwatt, Switzerland Spring? 2000 5 days organized by Robert Stramboliev
Continuing education at Voice Dialogue*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Co-Facilitation Paris, France 2010 - 2012 once a month Suzel Stiffel Gaborit
Voice Dialogue WorkshopVoice Dialogue Conference Gwatt, Switzerland 2003Five days oranized by R. Stamboliev
International International Bergan, Netherlands Twice in the 1990's Five days each oranized by R. Stamboliev

* The most recent formations

Key aspects and professional context
Key aspects of facilitation at Voice Dialogue
Work Relationships
Personal Relationships
Dream work

professional context
BA - University of California at Los Angeles
MA - California State University, Los Angeles
Coach - Institute of Group Psychotherapy, Hollywood CA, under the direction of Dr. George Bach;
DESS - University of Paris;
Gestalt Therapist - Ecole Parsienne de Gestalt
FF2P-French Federation of Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

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