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content: Theres  Grau

Heilpraktikerin Theres  Grau

Schulzestraße 21
13187  Berlin
- Germany -



Offers facilitations in:
Voice Dialogue, Rolfing

Current practice in Voice Dialogue: sporadic Infosporadic: offering VD-sessions sporadicly besides another profession and/or other methods

part-time: offering VD-sessions regulary, but beside other methods and/or another profession

full-time: offering VD-sessions regulary and for the most part of practice / profession

Language(s): Deutsch, English (Français, Italiano)

Teaching Introductions in Voice Dialogue.
Assistant of , basic trainings and continuing education

With Rolfing, Voice Dialogue, and writing, I became and still become more myself, arriving within my body and recovering my creativity. In this sense I love to facilitate clients on their ways towards themselves. - My creative activities as a writer and musician, my movement and bodywork practice, as well as my continuing education in trauma healing, influence and enrich my Rolfing and Voice Dialogue facilitation.

Basic trainings at Voice Dialogue
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Jahresseminar - Voice Dialogue Facilitator Murten, Switzerland 01/2005-12/2005 140 h / 9 weekends /cont.supervision & intervisionChristoph Harnisch & Patricia Morgenthaler (www.zepe.ch)
Voice Dialogue für Praktizierende: Glaubenssätze Murten, Switzerland 11/2005 weekendChristoph Harnisch & Patricia Morgenthaler (zepe.ch)
Continuing education at Voice Dialogue*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
International Voice Dialogue Conference Bergen aan Zee, Holland 07/2007one weekHal & Sidra Stone, R. Stamboliev, M. Daniels, and others
Beziehungen & Beziehungsmuster Berlin, Germany 06/2009 WE / 15 h Assistence & Organisation, Teacher: Ana Barner
Grundlagen von Voice Dialogue Berlin, Germany 02/2010 WE / 15 h Assistence & Organisation, Teacher: Ana Barner
Conscious Body (Level 1)Berlin, Germany 06/2010 3 Tage / 20 h Assistence & Organisation, Teacher: Judith Hendin
private sessions, intervision sessions, supervision Berlin / Murten / skype from 2006 on ... /Judith Hendin, Ana Barner, Ursula Dehler, Patricia Morgenthaler, Alexa

* The most recent formations

Key aspects and professional context
Key aspects of facilitation at Voice Dialogue
Phases of new orientation (Job / Life)
Creativity, artists, writer's block
Stress, excessive demands, danger of burn-out
Clients having experienced traumatic events
Partnering - Voice Dialogue with pairs and couples

professional context
2000-2006 working in scientific research, scientific journalism, editing, public relations, management
2003-2005 various further education workshops in communication and management skills
2002-2004 participant of a distant learning course in Media Education
since 2001 continuous experiences and workshops with Rolfing and Normal Function
since 2004 continuous trainings in Continuum Movement with Emily Conrad, Susan Harper, and others
since 2004 continuous experiences and supervision with Somatic Experiencing - trauma healing
2007-2008 Rolfing Training, Certified Rolfer
2011-2012 Ausbildung zur Heilpraktikerin (staatliche Heilerlaubnis)
2010-2013 Ausbildung in Somatic Experiencing - Traumaheilung nach Peter Levine

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