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content: Ulrike  Dahm

Ulrike Dahm Ulrike  Dahm

Gartenstr. 20
82008 Unterhaching
- Germany -



Offers facilitations in:
Voice Dialogue, Constellations of the inner System, Family Constellations

Current practice in Voice Dialogue: full-time Infosporadic: offering VD-sessions sporadicly besides another profession and/or other methods

part-time: offering VD-sessions regulary, but beside other methods and/or another profession

full-time: offering VD-sessions regulary and for the most part of practice / profession

Language(s): German, English

I worked together with Hal and Sidra Stone, Artho Wittemann, Robert Stamboliev and his team many years ago. I translated together with Artho Wittemann "Embracing our Selves" and I translated the book about the inner Ciritic. Since many years I give together with Klaus Wittmann Voice Dialogue Trainings. I have a systemic pracice near Munich and work with Voice Dialogue everyday. I also do "Inner family systems constellations", a very helpfull work. 2010 there will be a training in "Inner family systems constellations".

Basic trainings at Voice Dialogue
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Ulrike Dahm Germany, Munich 19927 days, 8 hours Hal & Sidra Stone, Artho Wittemann
Continuing education at Voice Dialogue*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)

* The most recent formations

Key aspects and professional context
Key aspects of facilitation at Voice Dialogue
inner child work
strengthen the aware ego
inner critic work

professional context
- training in systemic therapy
- training in trauma therapy
- training in EFT (emotional freedom technique)
- training in hypnosystemic therapy
- tgraining in strategic terapy (Giorgio Nardone)

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