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Inhalt: Ora  Gavriely

Ora  Gavriely

5 Israel's St., 64382 Tel Aviv, Israel
64382 Tel Aviv
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Bietet Begleitungen an mit:
Voice Dialogue, Archeselves (collective voices), Dreamwork, Shamanic Work

Aktuelle Voice-Dialogue-Praxis: full-time Infosporadic - sporadisch: bietet sporadisch VD-Sitzungen an, neben einem anderen Beruf und/oder anderen Methoden der Begleitung

part-time - Teilzeit: bietet regelmäßig VD-Sitzungen an, aber neben anderen Methoden der Begleitung und/oder einem anderen Beruf

full-time - Vollzeit: bietet regelmäßig VD-Sitzungen an, als berufliche Haupttätigkeit oder Hauptmethode der Begleitung

Sprache(n): Hebrew, English

We can flower.
Flowering again and again is our birthright, our responsibility, our joy.

I am committed to doing my best to assist people to flower and to assist the world to flower (I do my best), to bring the blessing of VD, the Aware Ego Process, Collective and Spiritual work to as many as possible in the most responsible and balanced way that I can.

TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Self Taught Israel10/1988-9/2013 and ongoing impossible to count Self Taught - Hal Stone & Sidra Stone in a deep way
TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Presenting Archeself Work VDI Convergence, France 09/2012 //

* Die zuletzt besuchten Workshops. Weitere Informationen unter www.voice-dialogue-berlin.de.

Schwerpunkte und beruflicher Hintergrund
Wichtigste Themen der Arbeit mit Voice Dialogue
Teaching Facilitation & The Journey Home
Archeself Work - Collective Voices
Aware Ego Process
Individual Process
Healing & Spiritual Work

Beruflicher Hintergrund
My route to Voice Dialogue was not the regular one. I did not learn by going through the channels of basic training etc.

My life changing encounter with VD was around 1988 - when I read Embracing OurSelves.

Then followed about 10 years in which I studied and explored Voice Dialogue, Jung, Zen, meditation, body work, coaching and many other things and worked furiously on my own process.

When the internal call came to bring VD to more Israelis - I felt ready almost as if I was born with the knowledge and knew exactly how to go about it.

It all flowed on from there.

I teach VD and, since 2008, VD facilitation as well as an advanced program called "The Journey Home".

I work individually in English and Hebrew - mainly with VD and nowadays also combining it with Archeself work, dreams and Shamanic work.

My main interest at the moment is making it possible for people to flower.
I am interested, among other things, in assisting people who are change-agents so that their blessing can reach the world in a full and well-balanced way while they continue their aware ego process.

I have taught, led workshops and lectured in professional forums of psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, coaches, social workers, etc.

In 2006 my book on Voice Dialogue (The Demon, the Nun and the Magical Child - A Journey to the Selves Within Us -Hebrew) was published.

Since 2009, I've been developing and exploring the fascinating work with Archeselves - collective voices, with Tim Kelley and a group of Israelis. I give workshops and demonstrations of this work and the exploration continues. (Note: archeselves are not what we usually call 'archetypes').

I also teach the shamanic journey and continuously develop ways of assisting people to bloom in their own unique way.

A note regarding my unusual training:

In spite of my unorthodox training, I have participated in the 2012 France Convergence and feel supported and accepted by many in the international VD community.
Again and again I have seen that in all major respects I work in the same way as do all those trained in the more regular channels.

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