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Inhalt: Yvonne  Wolsink

Wolsink training coaching Yvonne  Wolsink

clarissenhof 25
11§15ca duivendrecht
- Netherlands -



Bietet Begleitungen an mit:
Voice Dialogue, Intuitive Exercises, Constellations, Bodywork, Mind-control Awareness

Aktuelle Voice-Dialogue-Praxis: part-time Infosporadic - sporadisch: bietet sporadisch VD-Sitzungen an, neben einem anderen Beruf und/oder anderen Methoden der Begleitung

part-time - Teilzeit: bietet regelmäßig VD-Sitzungen an, aber neben anderen Methoden der Begleitung und/oder einem anderen Beruf

full-time - Vollzeit: bietet regelmäßig VD-Sitzungen an, als berufliche Haupttätigkeit oder Hauptmethode der Begleitung

Sprache(n): Dutch, English, German

Bietet Einführungen in Voice Dialogue und Voice-Dialogue-Ausbildungen

In my personal and professional development I experience Carl Gustav Jung as my grandfather, Hal and Sidra Stone as my parents. They forwarded a strong, clear and powerful message to me: 'Know your inner selves, make the world a better place'. Voice Dialogue is my cherished compass to finding out about my inner selves with an curious mind, without judgment. This attitude shapes my personality in a profound way. It tickles me to research the dynamics of polarities in me and between me and others and find a way out if i want. To anyone who feels attracted I pass the message passionately 'Know your inner selves, make the world a better place'.

TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Voice Dialogue Basic Training Netherlands1985-1987 30 days Robert Stamboliev
voice dialogue intensiveNetherlands19875 days Hal and Sidra Stone
voice dialogue intensiveNetherlands198811 daysHal and Sidra Stone
TitelWoWannStunden / TageLehrer/innen
Organizational Constellations Netherlands5/2008-3/2009 16 1/2 days Jan Jacob Stam
Voice Dialogue Intervision Netherlands201312 days experienced VD-colleagues
Organizational Constellations Intervision Netherlands201313 days experienced OC-colleagues
Voice Dialogue and Mind-control Netherlands2010-2013 3 years on parttime base mind-control clients and experienced MC-colleages

* Die zuletzt besuchten Workshops. Weitere Informationen unter www.voice-dialogue-berlin.de.

Schwerpunkte und beruflicher Hintergrund
Wichtigste Themen der Arbeit mit Voice Dialogue
Ego Strengthening
Balancing polarities
Exploring spiritual realm
Body awareness

Beruflicher Hintergrund
- Intuitive trainer from 1986
- Management trainer/coach from 2000
- Communication trainer/coach from 2000
- Inner Leadership / Personal Power trainer/coach from 2005

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